Using a dimension in a line item


I want to vary a (volume)number based on a chosen selection. Easier to understand with the background. I am working on a module in nuclear environment. Istopes decay ( in this case Mo-99 decays 0,7767 per day ). We use several standards ( Activity Reference Date ) to refer to the activity at a certain point in time. The same amount with an ART 7 Days or an ART 6 days is different. 

So i created a list with ART 7 and ART 6 . This will have the nice advantage that I can show the numbers on 7 and 6 ART ( there is also a condition which shipping route is used , but that I have already done ), just by switching the selection. The shipping route is the reason why i do not just want to make a seperate module. I want to use this function on several modules. 


So , I want to calculate some like ( not language that works ) : 

IF dimension ART6 is selected  THEN Volume/0,7767 Else Volume


What's the right way to adress this ? thanks!



  • I'm going to say you called your list "ART List"


    I think what you may want is ITEM ('ART List') = 'ART List'.'ART 6' THEN Volume/0,7767 Else Volume. This is assuming the line item where you are putting this formula is dimensioned by ART List.


    Let me know how it works. If it doesn't, then it may be helpful to post some screenshots of what you haveso I can get a better idea.

  • Hi,


    I think that in general you should avoid putting too much hard coded rules in the formula itself (such as hard coded division by 0,7767 or listing specific list members ART6 or ART7 in the if statement). I am not sure if I completely understand the question but consider inputting values (such as 0,7767 to ART6) to a separate module "Isotope Decays" with the ART list as dimension. If you use that same ART list as a dropdown list elsewhere (as an example line item "ART selection" formatted as list) , use formula

    Volume/Isotope Decays.Decay Value[LOOKUP: ART selection]. Or if ART list is a real dimension in your target module, just use Volume/Isotope Decays.Decay Value. Or was it so that you don't want to create a new module for some reason?