My Working Model has been Archived


Hi team,

I have been working on the Anaplan intermediate 201 course from the past couple of days. I try to work on it as and when i get time.

However, today when i tried looking for my patially completed Model, i see that it is archieved and it is not letting me work on it further.  Can i have access to my Model?? I have completed 75% of the project.


Attaching screen shot for your reference.

looking forward to hear back from you.




  • Paul

    Hi Ranjitha,


    Any one who is a workspace admin will be able to unarchive this for you.


    If you are a workspace admin, you will need to (from the position of your screen shot) go to the top right hand corner, selecting your profile and 'Manage Models'. From this point you will have to

    1. Select the check box to 'Show Archived Models' (screen shot attached). 

    2. Select the model you wish to unarchive.

    3. Select 'Change Mode'.

    4. Change mode from Archived to Standard (screen shot attached).


    Let me know if this helps.



  • Hi,


    You will need to 'change the model mode'.  Here is a link to Anapedia:


    In short, if you are an Admin, do the following:

    1. Navigate to Model Management (click on your initials in the top right-hand corner and select Model Management
    2. Then click "show Archived models"
    3. Click/select your model
    4. Click "Change Mode"
    5. Click "Standard" as the new mode 
    6. Click ok
    7. If you want, you can also click "Offline" along with "Standard", and this way, only system admins can see the model.




  • Thanks for a quick Turn Around!


    Appreciate your support Paul.