Eliminating 0 cells without subsets



Is there a way to eliminate the cells with 0 from Module in order to reduce the space consuming. I have already gone through 310 - Elilminating Sparcity course, in which recommandation is to create subset for the list & eliminate unnecessary verions or lists used.

But in my case i can't create subsets as it is a list of Clients there is no categorisation to split them using Subsets. & i already excluded unwanted dimensions/versions. But still the size is more since my client list is around 15,000+.

Please suggest some solution for this.






  • Hi Sangeetha,

    Anaplan reserves memory also for zero cells. Unfortunately that cannot be changed. It's one of the reasons for Anaplan's great performance. Here are some ways to reduce consumed memory, you already listed many of these.
    1) Use subsets (which in your case is not possible)
    2) Reduce dimensions/versions (you have done this)
    3) Shorten the time line or change from daily level to month level (I assume it's not possible in your case)
    4) Combine dimensions to a numbered list (for example products sold to a customer. If I remember correctly in the education material this was salespeople and products)
    5) Set line item summary method to none (but you cannot see any figures in summary levels then)


    Or maybe you could consider redesigning your model if possible. What kind of module is in question? If you are, for example, importing actuals to a module with a large number of dimensions, you could try to import data in a list (2-dimensional) format. How many dimensions do you have and are they for purpose of importing data only or are they all used for planning also?



  • Sangeetha


    One way that will also help free up space is to only you list as dimensions when necessary. By removing a list or two for a couple of line items, it will help remove the space taken up by the 0 cells.