Default Version in Dashboard view


Our users are starting to get frustrated with the version in their dashboards used to enter information not defaulting to the Current Version.  The dashboard on thier landing page will default to the current version but subsequent dashboards they open will not, it is defaulting to the first non actual version in our version list.  How do we establish the dashboard to default to the current version (without having to tell the users they have to reselect that version on thier landing dashboard)?






    Open the dashboard and click on Edit.   In edit mode, on the left side under "Selection Options," you can set the Versions - Initial Page to whichever version you want the module to default to.   Click Save and Exit when done.

    Default Version in Dashboard setting.jpg

  • Thank you for the quick feedback.  The issue we have with this as a solution is that we created updated versions for our forecast (Budget, 3&9, 6&6, 9&3 for instance) and this would mean that each time a new version becomes our current version that users can edit, we would have to make these updates in the dashboard views.  This would require hundreds of dashboard view updates. 


    Any idea how the "Default" can be designated to be the Current verision - this would make the changes much more effecient.



  • The default chosen is always the first leaf-level item in the list. We get around the issue that you are experiencing by making sure that the current (in our case) cycle is the first item in the list. Are you able to rearrange your list items to accomplish that?

  • Thanks for responding.  That may not be an option for us as we are dependant for other formulas, etc on the current version being the last version in the list.  It's something we can take a look at though