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Team, I have a customer request to build a report that supports a trend graph.  The difficult part is that they want a 3 month comparison chart, based on daily input.  So if we are in August and input data August 9th, we will then have 3 trend lines; Line 1 is from the input date back 30 days; the next trend line 2 starts with day 31 to 60, then line 3 is day 61 to 90. This could be by month as well, but I am trying to allow for selection of a day to drive the report.  I have 2 reports that provide the details of the data correctly by days.  The 1st report uses DATE, the second allows to select a DATE, but the line items are "Days" to calculate the values by 3 seperat buckets. Issue is in the creation of the line graphs.  Using the Days as line items graphs the wrong trend, bc it uses the line items.  The original report graphs correctly, but then each request of the graph would need to be published as dates change.  I want it to be dynamic, but cannot seem to find a manner to allow for Day selection driving the graph. My question is, can we select the parameters of the graph for the x or y axis, or is it fixed so that the "line items" are always the data points that end up in the legend??  I would like to swap the axis to graph on a LIST not just Line items. Thanks in advance. petar


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    If you pivot the module view in Anaplan (switch what is on your rows and columns) and recreate your chart this will change what is showing as your x and y axis (and legend).



  • That sounds reaonable, but pivoting the data axis is not working in my current design or workspace.  The graphic is completely driving the data points off the "line items", not the various view. I have tested this with a few graphs, and they are all behaving the same.  I attached a pdf view.  See that the dates, which are my line items and each has a calculation is the wrong view.  I need dates in the trends.

  • Hi, I am facing the same issue discussed here and can't seem to find a solution for the same other than re create my whole module with the dimension as line item and line item as dimension which would involve writing painstakingly difficult formulae for a couple of hours
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    The changing the pivot view of module is not helping. Is there any other working solution to this please?




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    Did anyone come up with a solution to this problem?