Import Date from CSV



I want to run a script to update the date on a daily basis. I have a batch file that creates a csv file with header Date and the date underneath on row 2 in format 08-02-2018 also tried 08/02/2018

However i can not import this to a module with a item formatted date, as it will not recognise it as a date , no matter what format i use.

Any suggestions please?


  • Hi,

    After selecting the file in the data import, you'll arrive to column mapping menu. Select "Module name line items" tab next to mapping tab. You will see "Custom Mapping" boolean box in the right next to the date formatted line item. Click that and select D-M-Y. It should show the date in your source file and instead of "(ignored)" it should show that it's mapped to 2018-02-08.




  • Thanks, but i tried that initally, and unfortunately, none of the formats, including custom ones work.

    It simply does not think it is a date... and i am stuck.