The Rapid Forensic Analysis Job Aid


Whenever I deliver TAW courses , I always try to spend some time on the Model Forensic Analysis in terms of performance on the 3 areas . But in the Facilitator manual it says "Use The Rapid Forensic Analysis Job Aid as a guide". That's fine , but is The Rapid Forensic Analysis Job Aid an actual guide ? As I can't find anything further on this topic. Thank you. Ricky.     


  • HI Ricky,

    In the classes I have observed, this document has always been printed and handed out and referred to as a "Job Aid", such as the title suggests. This community reference may be of assistance, if you have not seen already: The Rapid Forensic Analysis Job Aid provides various model attributes, the analysis tools used to determine that there is a performance issue, questions to ask and remedies to try."

    I think you are asking if it is an actual Training guide, or not, for the class. I believe it is a supplement to be used as a reference tool for the trainees.

    I hope that provides some guidance. I'll try to find out more and add here, if I do.


  • Ricky,

    Additionally, the Rapid Forensics Job Aid should not be distributed to customers.



  • Appreciate your time on this Tamara and thank you for clarifying . I am now seeing the RFAJA as more of a collection of tools that can be used through the testing phase . To date I have not come accross any print outs. 

    Once again thanks. Ricky