Display List Elements



When you export a module, you can choose to select any element from the source list, to display in the export.

Can this be done in a module, so you may show maybe 2 list items?


Module in Anaplan

moduleview.pngModule Exported to XL (with extra column shown)





  • Hello,


    The question isn't exactly clear to me.  Is the first column in the sample export (i.e. "Aldi Stores (Ireland) LTD") the parent item?


    If its the parent, then the only way you could add that as a separate column to the export (along with the child) is to create a custom export format.


    We've created custom flat-file exports either for downstream consumption, or for excel-based analytics/sharing.  The format of these exports typically includes False Time in Line Items, along with other line items that we want to show (for analytics).  The export is based on a concatonated string list, commonly the same list that is used for GL Data (or a very similar list that represents all of the dimensions in the concatonated string).  Setting this up the first time takes a little effort, but it tends to be very dense/small in size (in comparison to modules with many dimensions), easy to maintain, and also scales excellently (e.g. adding a new attribute/field to the export is typically as easy as inserting a new line item and a little logic.)  These data sets can have user-based filtering applied, so that they can be further refined.  Mayby 10% of our clients use constructs like this.

  • Hi

    No the issue isnt downloading, that is a very simple thing to format and create, what i want to do is display the 2 columns on a dashboard within Anaplan, as you can when exporting.



  • ADenchev



    For showing the two columns in the dashboard, what can be done is a new line item to be added to the module that is directly referencing the property from the list you'd like to preview, and then post it either as a separate table having only the list and the property as columns in the new one and having the list column width adjusted in the old table (if you'd like to keep both the list and the property columns static when using the horizontal scroll) or in the same table you have shown (if the property column should not be frozen).


    The problem with this approach is that if you preview a table with a vertical scroll, having the list and property in a separate one would mean you'd have two tables to scroll down, so it's not applicable; it should work with a table that doesn't need a scroll.


    Reviewing the topic, i'm not sure this would solve your case, but i still hope it helps 🙂




  • Hayk



    I had a similar requirement recently. You can see some kind of workaround on a screenshot. It works via color coding, "IF" statements and text data type for numeric line items (note that this formula is not good for performance).


    Let me know if you need more details. Hope it'll help you.