Unable to import data for numbered list



In my model, I have an employee list which has been created as a numbered list with combination of properties (Emp ID & Cost Centre) to identify uniq. Now i have create Employee Cost module to which i need to upload the actuals number. In my source file i have Emp ID & Cost center codes. Can someone suggest me which column i need to select to import data to Employee cost module.




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  • PaulRitner

    I agree with Sheethal:  If there are going to be bulk load processes affecting the numbered list, its easiest if a CODE can be set (in this case, a concantenation of Emp ID & Cost Center).  


    To accomplish this in a more automated fashion, you could add a module based on your Employee List that has two TEXT line items:  

    • Numbered List Item (formula like:  Name(Item(NumberedListName))... We use this so its handy when we bulk load, may not be necessary.
    • New Code (formula like:  Code(Parent(Item(NumberedListName))) & "-" & Employee Setup.EmployeeID   (The employee's ID should already be indicated in a module somewhere... so grab it from whereever it is)

    Hide the parent items in the above and save as a view.  Load the view into the list by Numbered List Item & set the code.  Tie this into a button and make it part of your Actuals Load process.




  • Hi,


    Add combination of Emp ID & Cost Centre (with a separator) as Code for the Employee List (eg: 1245-78643). Later you can import your Actual using this combination code which can be recreated in excel file.


    To load the code in Anaplan, easiest way would be to export the Anaplan Employee list to excel with Anaplan # code, add new column for code using Concatenate formula in excel. Then, import the code created in excel file into Anaplan using # code.

  • Thank you