Importing data into months within a weekly timescale to breakback


I have data in a module with a monthly timescale that I want to import into a module with a weekly timescale so that it breaks back evenly across the number of weeks in that period but I can't seem to be able to do that via a data import.  Is it possible?


Likewise - if I wanted to upload from a CSV containing monthly data to the monthly periods within a weekly timescale module, is this possible?





  • Hi, 


    For the first question (breaking data down to weekly from monhtly):  If this is a one-time activity, then you can insert a formula into the weekly module to grab the monthly data/#weeks in the month.  If its a recurring need to seed the weekly module with the monthly data, then either add a line item to your weekly data (with the formula) and use it as the load source, or create a separate weekly module with the same formula (and use that as the load source.


    For the 2nd question:  Loading monthly data into monthly periods in a weekly timescale module, if the line item you want to load to is formatted to weeks, then you can't load data into the related months, because the months are, effectively, parent items... and we can't load data to a parent.