Hierarchy Summary Levels in Bold


Have a report that has individuals rolling up into cost centres and whilst the cost centre name is in bold I can't seem to see a way to get the corresponding numbers to also be in bold.

Not a show-stopper per se but when trying to convince of the benefits vs excel, small niggly things like this does get in the way of the bigger picture.

Suggestions greatly received!



  • Hi,


    You could apply some conditional formatting.


    There are many ways to do this, but the goal is to have the individuals with no coloring, and the parent cost centers with some color.


    In a test case, I set a property named "Count" in my employee list to 1.  

    Then I added a line item to my report module to ask "If Employee.Count=1 then 0 Else 1"... then changed the line item Summary to "Formula'... so that Parents would equal 1 and employees would equal 0... in the way, regardless of the number of employee children, you can apply a consistent coloring format to the parents.  You can lighten the tone of that coloring by setting the conditional formatting range to something > 1.  See attached for example.


    Kudos to @cgillett, I borrowed this technique from her.

  • Note:  Employee.Count is either another line item in the module, or a property in the employee list.  The idea is to have employees be 1 and all parents be zero (if in module, then set Summary to None, if in List, then parent list items will be zero in all cases).  We do this so that our logic can ensure that all parents get consistent formatting.

  • Hi Paul (and Courtney too!)


    Think that might do the business! No doubt there'll be discussions over the colour to use...