Create list which is a combination of multiple lists



I am trying to create Revenue Module which should include accounts, Cost centre, Projects & products (4 different lists). But i am getting exceeds size limit error when i try to include all 4 lists in one Module. Can someone give any suggestions to build this module? Is there a way to create one seperate list which includes all 4 lists as a combination. So that i can use that list to create module..?






  • Hi

    I would question the value of all four lists in one module anyway; from experience it is likely that you want to sum the values into a module by Cost Centres and Accounts 

    The to make a decision it is important to understand the relationship between the 4 lists.

    Are all accounts applicable for all Cost centres?

    Are Projects "children" of cost centres?

    Do projects only contain certain products?

    I obviously don't know the answers to these questions; leaving aside the first question, and assume that the answer to the second and third questions are yes I would recommend the following:

    Create a numbered list called projects and include Cost Centres as the parent, and then also create a numbered list called Project>Products and include Projects as it's parent.  That will "flatten" three of the lists into one hierarchy.  The numbered list functionality will allow the same project "name" to be used for mulitple Cost Centres, and it will also allow the Assign functionality to be used if the users are to create projects and assign products to those project.

    Again, I'm making assumptions, but assuming that a project is linked to an account, it is better to store that attribute as a field and then use a SUM function to pull the project details into the module by Cost Centre and Account


    Obviously there are a lot of assumptions above, but the answer does depend on a lot more information.  If you post the rationale and what you are trying to achieve from the process I can probably give you a more targeted answer

    Hope that is helpful


  • Hi David,


    I'm currently facing a similar problem.

    I have 4 lists : category, brand, format and pack size.

    All o f these are dependent, in the sense category is the parent of brand, brand is the parent of format and so on.

    Pack size is the last of the hierarchy so in this list all the above are present.

    I want to display these in the module in such a way that category, brand, format and packsize all 4 dimensions should be present and it should display only valid combinations.


    To make it clearer, if there are 100 packsizes but only 50 are applicable to one brand and 60 to another, if i select the particular brand only those 50 or 60 combinations should be displayed, but we can't use just  the one pack size list, because I want to display the other dimensions too which is in sync with the valid packsizes.


    Could you please provide insight on how this can be achieved?



    Sheetal Dixit