Override FY Values


We have the data coming in a weekly level and then are displaying it in a module by quarter and then by Fiscal year.  The requirement is they don't want to see the quarter, just the fiscal year (which I have working), however, they want the values in the Fiscal year to be overrideable, that is where I am stuck.  Since the values in the FY level are sums of the quarters and weeks, it isn't letting it be editable.  Any ideas?






  • Hi,



    There are lots of options here!


    You could bulk load the weekly data into a separate Fiscal Year module and allow end users to override data directly.  While this is a simple approach, its not ideal because its difficult to know what's been overridden, and data is therefore not as stable.


    If the weekly data is loaded directly into the module folks are looking to override, then I'd probably link that data into a 2nd (Fiscal Year level) module, and have three line items (weekly amount, override/Adjustment, Total with Overrides).  


    If the weekly data is loaded into a list and then summarized by  formula into the end-user report, then I'd set up an override process (either a line item like above, or a Journal Entry type process where adjustments are added as children to a list and for each JE, the user enters the affected Period, Override Notes, and Amount indicated).  Then link the JE's into the formula that's aggregating your data.  The presence of JE's can be indicated in the (FY Report's) affected intersections via Condiational Formatting.  This approach is handy if there's a need for good/accessible detail about what overrides have been entered.  JE's also work well if there's an override approval process/requirement.