Some one experience connecting to Anaplan via the API?


Hello Folk's


I followed the guidelines on but still have some questions concerning these exports I'm connecting to: how are they updated with Qlikview? Can I connect directly to the tables, or do I always need this intermediate level of exports to get to the data?





  • Hello,


    Export definitions (i.e. export actions) can only be configured within Anaplan.  In this sense, Qlikview can't update or change them.  


    We cannot export from or import into Anaplan Tables directly.  The data must be extracted or loaded via Anaplan Actions (i.e. we must extract & load data in a way that is controlled).  There are good reasons for this, the most important ones include (in my opinion): 

    • Security Access (i.e. users, including integration user ID's can only access data the ID's are provisioned for when conducting business via the API or Anaplan Connect.  Direct Access to tables probably wouldn't be able to ensure security rules are applied)
    • Data goverance (i.e. ensuring that only valid data is loaded to lists and modules.  The validations we see when interacting with Anaplan, for example, a CODE cannot exceed 60 characters, might not be governed in the table where the CODE physically resides.  Therefore, direct access to tables may result in data getting loaded that violates Anaplan application limits.  There are lots of guideposts that Anaplan puts in place to ensure data integrity.)
    • Database integrity - Similar to Data Governance, but related to ensuring data loaded has all of the database relationships its supposed to have... loading data directly to tables, if not done in the way Anaplan requires, may cause the application to fail.  I'm not a strong database person, but I do understand that there are probably many separate tables that have required relationships... and if we were allowed to load to those tables directly, we might break something if its not done correctly.  To this point, most application API's take all of these things into consideration... so that, for example, while it may appear that we are loading a single item to a list, the API may touch several tables in the (controlled) process.  These interrelationships are often not obvious.

    I hope this helps!