Identify Children of a List Item


Is there a way to determine which items are children of another item?


For Example, if my hierarchy has the following structure:


 - Americas

 - - USA

 - - Canada 

 - Europe

 - - UK

 - - Ireland

Is there an association I can use as a lookup to determine this relationship in another list or module?  For example, I select America and I can determine that the first child is USA and second is Canada?


I thought about trying to do this inside a numbered list, but keep getting stuck.


I appreciate your help in advance.


Best Answer

  • bdeaton
    Answer ✓

    You could create a property in the list that indicates which child (1st, 2nd, etc..) the items are. Then you can reference that property depending on how you need to use it. This would require manual maintenance so it may not be the ideal solution if your hierarchy changes frequently.


    For a more automated version, you should also be able to use a numbered list for this combined with a rank function to determine the order of items. I've attached some files with screenshots, but here's what I did that may work as a starting point for you:

    1. Set up a numbered list for the level of the heirarchy you want to be able to rank
    2. Create a module with a line item that gets the number ID from the numbered list and then ranks them. You should be able to reference that calculated rank wherever you need it.

    Do either of these get you closer to what you need?