Filter Line Item in Module view based on another Line Item




Is there a way to filter line items in a module on a dashboard based on another line item?  I have a line item called input preference, which has two options: Dollars or Percent.  If dollars is selected, I don’t want my end users to see the percent input line item, and vice versa.  When I try to use the filter, and select line items, it only allows me to filter based on the other dimensions in the module. 

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  • Thanks, very useful proposal.


    Is there any workoaround for it to work on non-number LIs?

    I need also boolean and List formatted Items to be shown hidden/based on user preference, however I can't add these in the List Subset to make it work.

  • Hi

    A known limitation of line item subsets is that you can only use them for numeric items.  I'm not sure of a workaround for Booleans and other formats, but I will have a think

    Sorry I can't be of more help at this time