Data Hub Connection to multiple output models


Hi Everyone,


We set up a Data Hub and would like to use it for multiple models, because there are lots common lists that we can use for various models.


When we build connections among Data Hub model and other output models, we can set up actions in output models, by importing connecting "Data Hub" model's lists, to push data into output models. But is there a way to pull Data Hub's data, which means exporting connecting to output models?


Let's summarize the data flow as following:


Output models <= Data Hub model: OK (by importing connecting Anaplan Data Hub model)

Data Hub model => Output models: ??? (by exporting Data Hub model)


Right now it seems the export function is limited to export to csv, xls, txt files, but not export directly to Anaplan connected models.


Does anyone know about the Data Hub exporting functions to Anaplan connected models?


Worst case we can pull Data Hub's lists within output models, but we would like to see if it is possible to push Data Hub to output models, so it can save our time.


Thanks in advance!




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  • jesse_wilson

    Hi @yqian


    As David said, there is no push functionality in Anaplan. If your goal is to move the data from hub to spoke models without leaving the data hub, there are a couple options.


    1. Have an Anaplan Connect script running every few minutes (5 or so) to look for a boolean in the hub to be true. If so, run the processes in the spoke models to pull data from the hub.
    2. Use a microservice running in your internal network, and place a link on a dashboard in your hub, that when clicked will trigger the microservice to execute Anaplan Connect scripts that pull from the hub into spoke models.

    The first is a bit easier to set up, and doesn't require any sort of Python (or similar) scripting, but isn't truly ad-hoc. The second requires a bit more maintenence, but is a truly ad-hoc way to simulate a data push from your data hub to the spoke models. If you'd like more detail about either solution, feel free to contact me for more detail. I've advised on or implemented both solutions.





  • Hi Yiping
    Unfortunately we can only pull data as you describe.
    However you could set up scheduled actions through Anaplan Connect to call the import actions in each output model in sequence.
    Hope that helps
  • yqian

    Thanks a lot David for your suggestion.


    Hope Anaplan can consider to add the push function in future.



  • For Pushing you have to open up a listening port, which might be tricky

    Easier option is to combine all data import actions in each model grouped in processes and then firing the processes one by one of different models through anaplan connect batch file. A better option is to control all of the batch files pertaining to different models through a VBS script as central command with adequate Sleep/Wait functions in between, governed by the Scheduler

  • yqian

    Hi Jesse,


    Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

    I do like the option 1 which will be pretty useful for us.



  • yqian

    Thank you Sayontan for your advice, really appreciate it.