Sales Crediting


I noticed the SPM decks at Hub were referencing Sales Crediting as a major use case. It is something I want to explore more for our build but I haven't been able to find any documentation or collarteral relating to that. Does anyone know any successful use cases centered around this type of use case?



  • We've built Sales Crediting in terms of aligning Goals/Quotas with CRM Closed/Won opportunities (i.e. as either an element of T&Q models, or similar models that aren't technically T&Q).  For the majority of transactions, crediting is pretty straight forward (i.e. aligning based on Territory or Account Exec), but at some clients we see the sharing of credit (that isn't discernible in the CRM system), so (Anaplan) models can include some form of Journal Entry process where the CRM data can be adjusted in a controlled (workflow) manner.