timeline chart with multiple start dates


Hi, i assume it is not possible to have a time line chart which has multiple timeboxes per line item? ( since there is only one start data and end data possible ) ? assume i am not the first to ask , but i could not see easily from the information available. 

if it is possible, can you explain me how ?



  • I don't see any options beyond 1 Start Date and 1 End Date.

  • Hi @amayamay,

    It depends on your requirement. If you are looking for an option of multiple start dates and end dates in the TIME settings then the answer is 'NO'. But if you want to and insist to use these multiple date options then you do have options for that, considering the purpose of this is entirely different.


    1) Create a module with TIME as a dimension.

    2) Create BOOLEAN line items as SELECT START DATE and SELECT END DATE

    3) Then follow the steps given in the snapshots for your reference.

    Hope it helps the purpose you are in search of.


    @PaulRitner maybe you can weigh in your kind thoughts on this. If the requirement is seeking something else, something that we may have missed!