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We import a rolling 4 week view of orders (from external) into a numbered list very week, this list is then used as a soruce for a model. In the module there is a booelan for 'approved' the user ticks orders that are aproved so they dont have to check again.

We clear the list each week and import fresh data. I want to keep the approved Boolean for any previous ticked orders. I have tried to export to another numbered list, but then can not get it back. I am sure this should be simple but am stuck. Any suggestions please?





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  • bdeaton
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    You will have to import directly into the CODE field when you import. To my knowledge there is no way to set up a formula to pull in the data to the CODE field after the fact in Anaplan (I suppose you could use a two-step import in Anaplan to import your data, set up a property with the concatenation, and then import to a second table).


  • DavidSmith
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    Agreed, unless you can bring the code in on the initial import, the only way is to create the code in a module dimensioned by the numbered list, as described, and then run a second import to the list, just to populate the code

    What you could then do is create a normal list to hold the history using the code and match the two lists that way using a finditem



  • How are you identifying items as unique? Through the system generated number, with the code, or a combination of properties?


    If you can use a code (we usually create a unique key that's a concatenation of the properties and assign that as the code), then should be able to associate the code in your orginal list with your secondary list and I think you are on the right track with your import to another numbered list. You can then just import the boolean field back from your secondary list to your primary based on matching up the code.



  • As @bdeaton says, using a code is best practice if possible

    Also, it is better not to delete all of the items each time, but try and only import those new items.  That would resolve the issue matching the old and new "ticks"


  • Hi

    I can concatenate 2 fields to give a unqiue reference. How do i get that in the CODE. Sorry, i am really struggling with this, it's one of those things, do once and very useful.

    I have 2 fields in the module joined now called uniqueRef, and i have exported this to a list where approves = TRUE.

    Now i am in the module which has the uniqueRef and i want to pull in the approved boolean, but i can not use LOOKUP or FINDITEM, so how do i pull it back.


    Thanks so much




  • The problem is that they do not want an ever growing list, they just want a rolling 4 week view, otherwise it grows and grows and becomes unmanageable.


    But as each 4 week rolling has 3 previous weeks, thye want to keep anything they already approved, and the rolling data can change, so we can't just add the latest week.


    nothing is ever simple

  • Thank you both, i have my approved list saving and bringing back in succesfully.

    Many thanks