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The number of IDs on the numbered list is 999,999,999 (based on information in topic related with numbered lists)- what about reaching this limit. Is there any list renumbering possibility?


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  • DavidSmith
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    Just to clarify, this restriction applies to all lists, not just numbered lists.

    We often see this happening with transactional data loads where the whole list is cleared out each time before being re-loaded and where "combination of properties" are used to create the numbered list.  With large datasets, if this is done on a daily basis, the index will reach the limit in a very short time.  


    It is best practice to try and avoid mass "delete and re-load" for this reason.  Techniques include using incremental imports and having a unique key in the data source wherever possible.  It is important to try and work with the owners of the source data to aim for correct format in the source data and always use a unique key if possible.  Aside from minimising the issue above, an import using a key is much quicker


    Very often this mass delete / reload is not actually required.  If a unique key is used, if the data changes in the source from the values loaded previously, the new update will update the "record" with the new value


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  • My understanding is that once the limit is reached the only thing to do is to create a new numbered list and repoint everything to the new list.


    I'd love to hear from others if that is not the case, though.

  • Repointing everything related with the list is often enormous workload for the admin. When you handle multiple models having ALM structure and using numbered list as a production list and non production modules uses the production list then repointing can cause more problems and work.

    Personally i have a numbered list containing transaction data and incrementing month over month for tousands of new items that sometimes need to be reloaded and then the number counter increments even if "old" transactions are removed.

    in the end in the list can be 200,000 items but the # counter can achieve limit- ideal solution would be that removed items makes new "free slots" and new coming items would be numbered starting from the lowest "free slot" available

    hope to read some thoughts from other users and especially from Anaplan Support
  • anyone?
  • Hi - this is a fairly common scenario for usages of numbered lists and a number of users have experienced the same frustration that you have. We are looking at an automatic solution for this problem to be released in the near future. In the meantime, if you are stuck then please contact support and they may be able to reset the sequence for you.

  • Hayk



    You can mark that list as a "production data" and create model from revision tag (Revision Tags tab). It'll be reset in a new model.

    In some cases it is easier than creating new list and changing all links/actions/line item formats.