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I have a module with a time as a page selector, it holds a forecast data snapshot, and if i choose 'Mar 18' it shows the data i need, i have saved this as a view, and then I export the data to a csv file.

If i change the selector to 'Feb 18' and then run the saved export action, it exports the data, still using 'Mar 18'.

Do i have to create a new export /  save the view again every time i want ot export this data (monthly)



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  • PaulRitner
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    Export actions are usually, but not always, separate/distinct from dashboard (page) filters, because the Saved View related to the export action is based on filters that are separate from from the dashboard itself.


    Sometimes the export format is somewhat different than the view on the dashboard anyway (in order to make it easier to work with offline).


    Here are some possible options:

    • If there are a standard/limited set of filters/combinations that apply to the export(s), then you could set up separate buttons.  This is easy, but will require periodic maintenance.
    • You could apply user-level filtering (instead of standard page filtering) in the dashboard... and these same user level filters can be applied to the saved view in the export button (bringing the export button into alignment with the dashboard view).  This takes a bit to set up, and does require a "Refresh" button, but would be intuitive to end users because the export would contain data that is congruent with the dashboard view.

    Hope this helps!