Tabs in data when using Anaplan connect


I was loading data using anaplan connect and i got an error saying there was a tab in my data.

Turns out anaplan connect Anaplan Connect cannot allow tabs in TEXT fields. This is rooted in how Anaplan Connect constructs the information from JDBC to be passed into Anaplan.

I got around this in the sql by using the following syntax in my sql statement:


REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(fieldname, CHR(10)), CHR(13)), CHR(9))


  • Hey,

    Thanks for providing this, great tip! Just a quick question about your workaround, do you not need to provide a replacement string in this portion of the statement?

    eg REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(fieldname, CHR(10), ''), CHR(13), ''), CHR(9), '')

  • Hi Jesse,


    I was hitting an oracle database.

    Checking the help guide

    You can do a replace of the tab with another string but if you dont specify anything it will just delete the occurrences.