Conditional Formatting by time


Is there a way to format conditionally according to time?  The simplest example is that I want my actual time periods to be one shade and my future/forecast periods to be another shade, for all line items.  It looks like the conditional formatting is all based on individual line item values.


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    Hey Jeff,
    You might be able to do this by creating another line item that evaluates if it is an actual month and then use that line item to base the conditional formatting off of...but you would have to create a rule for each line item if you have several line items.  See the attached pictures for more details.

    Let me know if this helps. Thanks!

    Jill King


  • You are able to format line items based on a date in the way you describe by doing the following. In your module, you need to add two new line item one called Date that is date formatted and pulls the date property from your part number list.
    The other new line item will be numeric and should have a formula of IF Date > END() THEN 0 ELSE 1. Call that one Date Test. Next you will put in Conditional formatting using the new icon on the toolbar. Put in a new rule, choose the line item you want to format, choose Based on the Values From Date Test, choose a two color scale, choose minimum 0, maximum 1, then from your color choices pick the one with red on the left and white on the right. Choose OK and this should get you the formatting that you are looking for.