How can I copy data from one module to another against hierarchy




I need help with something  am trying to achieve in Anaplan.

Module 1

Organization List (Organization Hierarchy is L1-Global->L2-Country->L3->Regions)

Line Item: Volume


Module 2

Organization List (Organization Hierarchy is L1-Global->L2-Country->L3->Regions)

Line Item: Volume1

Line item: Select Level of Analysis (Country or Region)

Line item: Pick Country

Line item: Pick Region

Line item: Gobal


Formula for Volume1

IF Select Level of Analysis = Country THEN Module1.Volume{LOOKUP:Pick Country] ELSE IF Select Level of Analysis = Region THEN Volume{LOOKUP:Pick Region]  ELSE Module1.Volume{LOOKUP:Global]


This formula doesnt work for e.g. if the user chooses country level analysis. It puts the Volume value from Module 1 matching the Country in all the cells which is fine but at the country level in Module 2 I get the sum of Country volume times number of regions in the country becuase the summary for Volume1 in Module 2 is Sum. If I chose the summary as None then I dont get any value for the country  level volume1 in module 2. Is there an alternate way to do this?


Module 2 is an intermediate module used for further calculations. I need to be able to pick the value of volume1 from Module 2 for regions, country and global.






  • Hi RoopaliB,


    I believe you don't need Module 2, which sounds like a module where you make a selection (i.e. Country, Region, Global), before a 'calculated volume' is passed onto a subsequent Module 3.


    What if you connect Module 3 directly to Module 1, i.e. Module 3.Volume = Module 1.Volume, what results are you getting and expecting? I'm assuming the Organization List is used in Module 3 as well.


    Make the selection of specific 'Country', 'Region' or 'Global' at the page selector of the module and/ or dashboard to see the final calculated results.


    Do let me know if i misunderstood your intentions.




  • Hi,


    I used the approach you described above and it worked.

    Thank you