ANAPLAN CONNECT - Password update request



We have 20 scripts for ANAPLAN connect, and they each contain a user logon and password.

set AnaplanUser="username:password"

There are 2 questions.

1) Can the password be hidden in the script, as anyone can edit a script and see it?

2) When ANAPLAN insists on a password change, all the scripts stop running, this can lead to potential problems if we have overnight jobs and the person whose logon is in the scripts is not available to update their password and all of the scripts. Can we create a userlogon that does not insist on changing password periodcially? 


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  • Hi @Adithya S,

    I am exploring a solution to use CA for authentication for my API. You explained the step #3 "download the certificate under this username" of which I don't know how/where to download it from. I logged in and looked under My Account and I don't see option to download the certificate.

    Did you mean the SSL CA?

    Also, can you point me to CA integration for API?

    I am new to Anaplan and trying to solve the issue with password expired on our service account.


    Huy Tran

  • Hi @hdtran , the Certificate that Adithya mentioned came from the vendor that the organisation procured. The below URL is a list of supported CA Certificate:

    (Note: SSL CA is not supported by Anaplan)

    If you are looking to implement CA authentication for your API, you may want to refer to the below guide: