Create Hierarchial list using import



I am trying to create a list as shown in the attached image. Here i have'nt created the seperate list for 5804 (which is like parent list). To avoid sparsity & size constrain, i am trying to create parent & child list in the same list. I know how to create in the tool for less items. Can someone tell me how to use Import data to create such list with bulk data.







  • Hayk

    Hi Peter,


    We do it this way:

    - We have few similar actions in 1 process (for speed up purposes)

    - There is an export from model with status (csv file with TRUE/FALSE)

    - We run this process using anaplan connect and BATCH file. BATCH file is triggering mentioned process, after it triggers an export with status and repeats the process if status in csv file is a FALSE.


    The cons of this solution is that you can't run this within anaplan. But I don't think there is other way to run action multiple times w/o creating same views and imports.

  • Yeah that's a good way to do it but it'll only work with Anaplan Connect. I sometimes need to have a user-activated process that works this way.

  • Hayk

    Users are available to run this action from anaplan. Here is how we've done it:

    Scheduled job on a server exports trigger with status from anaplan (csv file containing boolean cell). It is scheduled to be done every minute.

    Once value in a file is true - action gets performed.


    If user needs to run repetitive process he simply tick the boolean in anaplan and BATCH file does his job as you set.