How to create "One employee reporting into two managers" as a list(hierarchy)?




Is there a way to set up a list (hierarchy) in Anaplan when the hierarchy is built the following way:


One person and two managers.


Manager Employee Lowest level in the Hierarchy
Manager A Employee A Cost Center A 
Manager B Employee A Cost Center B


Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you.


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  • bdeaton
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    You should be able to do this by creating a list based on the conctenation of the employee and manager - that should give you something that is unique, based on my understanding of your question. You'll want to create a numbered list ("employee list") and then import the concatenation as the CODE (set the code as the unique item identifier). You'll just need to be careful about the limitation on the length of the CODE - it's 60 characters so if you EE and manager names are long, you might need to use something shorter (truncate the names or use and EE ID if that's available).


    You can then create properties that have the employee and manager listed as separate properties (depending on what you need to do with those and what types of calculations may be necessary by EE/manager). If you set this list up as a numbered list then you can set the "display name" for the list as the property you create that has the employee name - that way anywhere you use the list you can see the employee name and not the uglier employee/manager concatenation. 


  • Using properties for managers is usually enough.

    But if you really need it as a hierarchy, you can do it several way (one element cannot have two parents):

    - the manager is the parent: you'll create an element for employee A as a child of each manager. These elements will have a property that link them to the "real" employee list

    - the manager can be the child: create as many managers as you need as children of the employee

  • Thank you @bdeaton. Concatenation worked. Much appreciated!

  • Thank you for the reply!! Yes I have been using the property for a while. I was just wondering if there was any built in feature in Anaplan. I used concatenation. The hierarchy is actually very detailed so manager as a child is another option that I will have to try. Thanks again!