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Has anyone ever built a custom time scale that can handle days to day operation? .

I try to set time scale for import inventory data in daily level. But model calendar cann't set into daily level.

In the model , I need to display  and calcutate for daily planning.

Please suggest.


Thanks in advance


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  • orawee
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    Hi Paul,

    Could you please share your screenshot of time scale setting (in term of days) at module level.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hello,


    Setting the time scale to Days can be done at the Module (or line item) Level, not at the Model level.


    In my tests (in a module), I can set the TIME SCALE to Days, and then set the TIME RANGE to a custom time range (or use the Model Calendar)... therefore, we can have, for example, Model level time in some fiscal year format (e.g. months and/or weeks), and then at the Module level, we can define time in terms of days... which roll up to/aggregate up to the model timescale.


    Hope this helps!





  • Hi,


    See attached picture.