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I wonder how you can group-by list properties.

Specifically, as in the attached file, I would like to have figures by properties (category: Fruit/Vegetable) as shown as "Desired Result" Thankyou in advance..




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  • PaulRitner
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    Basically, you are looking to group/aggregate by an attribute.


    There are two basic ways to aggregate by an attribute:

    1. The attribute is the parent in the hierarchy.  For example, Tomatos roll up to Vegetable. 
    2. The attribute is really just an attribute.  For example, Products (e.g. tomatos, grapes, etc) are each mapped to a Category (e.g. Vegetable, Fruit).  In this case, the only way in Anaplan to aggregate to the group is to create a module (or subsidiary view) that contains Category as a dimension.  Then, add a formula in the Sales Line Item of this new module that says something like:   ProductSource.Sales[Sum: Products.ProdCategory]

    Now, Product Category may be referenced from the Products list itself (i.e. a property in the products list), or sometimes its a (hidden) line item in the Product Sales module.  The result is the same either way.


    To recap:

    1. We have a module with product sales that contains a line item named "sales", and includes a list named "Product"
    2. We want to summarize sales by Product Category, which is an attribute property maintained in either the Product List or a module that is based on the product list.
    3. We create a module named Category Sales that contains a line item named sales
    4. in 'Category Sales.Sales', we enter a formula that says "product sales.sales[sum: Product.Category]
    5. Note that Product Category must be a list also.





  • Thank you, Paul.

    I"ll definitely go for option 2 which is exactly what I was looking to.

  • Great fix, such a simple application yet very powerful