Dashboard Names- Bug


Hi there, 


I have noticed a bug that occurs with the title of the dashboard when using a dashboard's functionality. If I simply use the dashboard in the way it was designed and make no changes to the structure of the dashboard (i.e. don't open dashboard designer), the title of the dashboard still appears with the italicized format and an asterick. This should not be the case because it indicates that I haven't saved a change when really no change was made. 


I can only assume that this has to do with the new personal views feature, but still this notation is confusing because the italics indicate that my work has not been saved when really any functionality used on the dashboard is of course, automatically saved. 


The same change in format occurs for non-workspace admin folks and it is confusng to them as well. 







  • Hi @mshiley,

    The dashboard changes that you make, for example:- a filter that you applied on a line item will be indicated by dashboard name being italicized. When there are changes say you pivot the pages or dimension or you want the filter change to be applied permanently then you would have to save your changes to the dashboard.


    1) Check whether you made any changes to the filter. You might have applied a filter or something else to help you view the dashboard the way you want it to look. That is when the name of the dashboard is italicized.

    2) If someone else had changed the dashboard view then you would get a notification saying 'UPDATE TO LATEST VERSION'.


    Hope this helps. I have also attached the snapshots for your help. If it still persists as you said you didn't make any changes, please report this to the support team of Anaplan.



    Adithya S