Looking for an "action log"


Is there an "action log" within Anaplan?  Similar to History, but which tracks actions.  It's important to be able to track when an action ran and it's results. For example with import jobs, we need to know when they ran, if they failed, error messages, entities added, updated, etc.  Client Connect provides an error file, but imports can be a mix of automated and manual processes. Thanks, Robert


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  • simon_tucker
    Hello Robert - this is a great idea. We only track that an action actualy has run today, and of course if you run that action you can see the details log. I'd be happy to discuss in detail what you'd like to see. Thanks.


  • Hi Simon,

    Happy to discuss, I think all the information is available at the end of an action, it's really "just" a matter getting into an audit store and surfacing the log within the UI.  it would work well as an adjunct to history.

    Where can I view the actions that ran today?  I'm not seeing that.