How to filter Line Items in a Page Selector




I have a module that is used to create a chart on a dashboard. The module has 10 line items and the line items are used as page selectors in chart on my dashboard however I want the page selector to show only 5 of the 10 line items that are relevant to the chart. How can I apply this filter on the line items?




  • Hi

    When you are in Edit Dashboard you will need to click on the chart or module. Once you have clicked on it, on the left hand pane there will be various options for the Page Selectors that are part of that Module. You can uncheck both Show Label and Show Page Selector and the Page Selector. This will remove the Page Selector from your Chart or Module that is published on your Dashboard. Depending on what else is on the Dashboard you may want to uncheck Synchonized Paging as well if it does not make sense to have it on. You will also want to ensure the Initial Page is set to the view that is approriate for the Chart.


    Hope this helps


  • Hi Brendan,


    Thank you for your response. 

    What I want to do it show the drop down in the page selector but limit the drop down menu to only a few relevant line items. 


    I found a way to do it -  pivot the view to show the line items as rows and then selected only the ones you want to show to the user. Pivot the view back to your orginal view with line items as page selector. Then you will see only the relevant line items in the page selector. 

  • I misunderstood the question. Glad you were able to find a resolution!

  • Hi Roopali,


    My ask is simialr/same. I want to filter on a lineitem and then i want it to be published on page selector as a different line item on a dashboard. (keeping the filtered lineitem intact) I tried this solution of yours and it seems not to be working. When I 'show only' the relevant line items and then pivot back to the original view, the filter icon display an exclamation mark and shows back the full view of the module, ideally which must not be the case.




    Any inputs on this?



  • Hi Mikhil,


    Are you trying to apply filter and select line items at the same time?

    I think if you apply a filter you don't have to manually select the lin items.

  • Hi Roopali,


    No. I am not selecting the lineitems manually. I'm just using the filter and then pivoting as per the view required. When I pivot it to the desired view post selection of the filter, the above icon appears. (as shared in earlier).