Automatic update of Current Period


Hi, this has been posted a couple of times before and I am not sure if this has been solved or not.


How do we ensure that we have the time period updated automatically in Anaplan? Should we always do this manually every Week?






  • Hayk

    Hi Sidd,


    It depends on your timescale and your purposes.


    As an example - we have a model on weekly timescale. It should have 12 months forecast. Which is 48 weeks.

    But I've set 56 weeks and filtered all modules to show 48 weeks starting from current week (we have automated interface, which loads current date every night).

    It allows to shift time period only once per 2 months.




  • HI, How do you have the following done?


    "we have automated interface, which loads current date every night.- can you please explain? is it through Anaplan Connect?


    Also - Time period shift of only once per 2 months - is that a constraint or is it flexible?

  • Hayk

    Yes, it's done through Anaplan Connect. BATCH script creates .txt file with current date and upload it to Anaplan model using Anaplan Connect.


    This is flexible. Lets say users need 10 weeks for planning. You set your model to have more than 10 weeks (14 for example), and show only 10 weeks by applying filters. Now you have 4 future hidden weeks. When date is changed to next week, you'll have 3 hidden future weeks etc...

    In this example you should change time period once per 4 weeks. But you can use more or less "hidden" weeks.


    Hope screenshot will help.Capture.PNG