User Stories


Anaplan models are designed and built to meet the specific needs of the organization’s end users; these needs are captured in user stories. The model you build in Introduction to Model Building will address three user stories, presented here in abbreviated form.


User Story #1

Ability to verify headcount by month and view upcoming start and leave dates.


As the Human Resources Manager, I need to verify headcount plans for each functional group, as well as see upcoming dates when employees are joining or leaving the company so that I can schedule corporate onboarding and exit interviews.

Acceptance Criteria

View shows headcount forecast by functional group by month.

View shows lists of new employees with projected start dates and exiting employees with leave dates.


User Story #2

Ability to see summary of overall company financial performance, including breakdown of corporate expenses.


As the CFO, I need to be able to see a concise summary of the company's actual financial results relative to our forecast, including totals for each category of corporate expenses so that I can report on our financial results to the CEO and our Board of Directors.

Acceptance Criteria

View shows profit summary for entire company in table form.

View shows profit margin % by month in a line chart.

View shows each type of Corporate Expense by month, actual vs. forecast, in column chart.

User Story #3

Ability to identify products with negative variance of actual units sold to forecasted units sold.


As a Retail Store Manager, I need to be able to see which products are underperforming relative to forecast in my store, so that I can make adjustments to in-store merchandising, product placement, or sales strategies.

Acceptance Criteria

View highlights product types and individual products selling below forecast with color coding.

View can be sorted in order of unit sales volume.

View shows results only for my store.