FAQ - Introduction to Model Building


How long will it take to complete this course?

We estimate 12-16 hours, but it will depend on the initial accuracy of your model building process, time needed for corrections and rework, and/or time devoted to exploring extra resources along the way.


Do I need to do the lessons in a specific order?

Yes. The lessons for Introduction to Model Building are listed in the order you should complete them. Because later lessons build upon concepts and activities from earlier lessons, completing them out of order will result in gaps in your learning and make it hard to complete activities.

You may start mid-course at the beginning of the Engine or UX section, however, by downloading the relevant workbook from the AppHub. The Engine Workbook and the UX Workbook each contain a clean and completed copy of all model components built in the prior section(s).

If you have prior experience building Anaplan models, you may find the step-by-step instructions for a specific activity helpful, even without building the Introduction to Model Building model. In this case, feel free to browse individual lessons in any order you find helpful, but remember that the activities described will reference the model for this course as an example.


Is the Certification Project required?

Successful completion of the certification project is required to complete the course and become an official Anaplanner.


What does the Certification Project include?

The certification project for Introduction to Model Building includes both foundational concepts and model building techniques taught in the course. You will build a new model with information provided as part of the project, and you will answer 10 questions based on the model as you build it. The questions are “open book,” meaning you may refer to course materials and the model you have built during this course.

The certification project will take several hours, including time for building the model. You must complete the entire project in one sitting; do not let your session time out or you will need to answer the questions again.

You must score 80% on the examination questions in order to receive a passing grade. You may attempt each question two times, and you may retake the exam a second time if necessary. If you do not receive 80% on your second try, you will need to schedule a personal appointment with an Anaplan enablement consultant to review the certification model you have built, make any necessary corrections to it, and retake the exam.


Do I need to take the Introduction to Model Building course before I complete the Certification Project?

In most cases, yes, you need to complete the Introduction to Model Building course before completing the certification project. The concepts and foundational skills contained in the course are required for successful completion of the project. Model building in Excel alone is insufficient, but if you have previous experience building Anaplan models (e.g., learned on the job without taking Introduction to Model Building), you may attempt the certification project without taking the course.