Issue logging into Anaplan using Firefox


Hi Team


Am not sure if this is the right forum but could not find one for general discussions.


When I log into Anaplan using Firefox, my machine drastically slows down. it does not happen while using Chrom or IE.


Any one experiencing same.


  • Stan

    @harish_bk - I checked with our Support team to see if they had any insight into this - They recommended ensuring you are running the latest version of Java, as well as trying to clear your browser cache.  You can get the latest version of Java here ->


    If the issue persists, I would recommend reaching out to the Support team so that they can further triage this issue for you.

  • Hi Stan
    Yes we have the latest Java installed.

    The ticket has been raised with support too and we are answering their queries.

    Currently no issue while using it in Incognito mode. Now am using Chrome instead of firefox.