Sorting and Filtering options


Dear Anaplan Developpers / support

First of all, I'd like to say Hi and thank you for the great job you guys are performing. 

I do have one question for you Anaplan developpers / Support...

Do you plan to add a kind of Sorting and filtering functions in the dahsboards and modules tabs in order to filter or sort the dashboard / modules according to our criteria?
This will allow us to navigate easily and find our modules and dashboard more easily.

That's would be helpfull for us. 

 Thank you for you support


Best Answer

  • jamietgwang

    Hi Patrick - I'm not a developer/support at Anaplan (let me sya this first... ) but I think I understand your question. In Model Settings, you can assign a functional area to a dashboard/module, and on your contents panel (left hand side - this is meant for end users' easier navigation) you'll see the dashboard/module grouped by the functional areas you assigned. 

    So I'd say anaplan has built what you are asking for- have fun exploring it 🙂