Please allow expandable fields or a preview of content.

Hello, i can not find the section where suggestions are made but please please please can we do something

about the inability to see details in a field.

Example below, i am quite sure the customer is not importing from the same module to the same module, but maybe they are using a view, it is impossible to tell from the import screen, as you can not expand it, to read the full title of the source or the target.




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  • Hi

    I agree, it would be helpful to be able to expand the field and see the full text. 

    A workaround I have used when referencing those cells is to actually copy the cell(s) using ctrl+c and then pasting into a text file (or anywhere).

    Not the ideal solution, but it works.



  • Hayk
    Answer ✓

    I do same thing. Usually copy-paste it to browser URL field.