Referencing data from one time range to another time range


Hello All,


How can we reference data from a line item in a particular time scale to another line item with different time scale ?

Like i have my model calendar as FY 2016. And i have added a time range as FY 2017. Lets say i have a line item (x) whose time range is same as model calendar, and another line item (y) whose time range is FY 2017. How can we refer the data or extract the data (without importing) from x to y ? 



Soumik Paul



  • Hi,


    Where ranges overlap, you will be able to pull data 1:1 without any special formula references.  For example, if your Model time range is set to fy2016, but also includes 2017 (as 1 future year), then to the extent that the two time ranges overlap you can pull data using anaplan's default behavior.


    If you're asking how to pull 2017 data back into 2016 (or vice versa) then you'd have to calculate the period you are pulling in.  For example, if you have a module using the 2017 Time Range and you want to pull 2016 (i.e. prior year) data in, then add a line item to calculate the prior year's Time Period and then use that calculated time period as part of the formula (i.e. LOOKUP:  PriorYearPeriod)  .... if PriorYearPeriod were the line item calculating the target 2016 period.