Certification Project

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You're almost done with Introduction to Model Building!

The Certification Project is required to finish the class and become an official Anaplanner.

You will build a new model with information provided as part of the certification project materials, and you will answer 10 questions based on the model as you build it. The questions are “open book,” meaning you may refer to course materials and the model you have built during this course. The certification project will take several hours, including time for building the model. You must complete the entire project in one sitting; do not let your session time out or you will need to answer the questions again.

Access the Certification Project through the Anaplan Learning Center.


You must score 80% on the examination questions in order to receive a passing grade. You may attempt each question two times, and you may redo the project a second time if necessary. If you do not receive 80% on your second try, you will need to conatact an Anaplan enablement consultant (through the course Forum) to review your model before you can try again.