Troubleshooting Tips - Import to a List

edited March 2023 in Academy Discussions

If you are having problems importing data to your list, check for these common problems:

  • Make sure to set a top level or select a parent (hierarchical relationship) for your list. Without one or the other, you will not see summary totals when your list is later used in a module.
  • List member names must be unique unless you are creating a specific type of list known as a numbered list (covered in advanced model building training). If names are not unique, members with repeated names will not be imported.
  • Properties for your list must be created on the Properties tab before you can import data other than the name, code, and parent of the list member.
  • Ensure that you have selected the appropriate Format for each property of your list. The default is Number, so if your data is something other than a number and you have not reset the Format, it will not import properly.
  • Parent list members must be created before child list members can be placed under them in the hierarchy.