Extra Practice

edited March 2023 in Academy Discussions

Congratulations! You’ve completed all the lessons for Introduction to Model Building.

Do you feel ready to move on to the Certification Project? If you’d like more practice before tackling it, try building another Anaplan model or two on your own. Here are two ideas:

  • Rebuild the Introduction to Model Building model one more time, but this time use the model schema as a guide and build it from scratch. You already have all the data files to populate the model, and you can always go back to look at the lessons again if you get stuck.
  • Create an Anaplan model to replace or replicate an Excel model that you frequently use. Think about the end user outputs that you need and work backwards to design the modules and lists. Draw out a model schema that shows the relationships between them, and then start building. You’ll need to have access to or create data for populating your model.


Once you feel ready, go on to the Certification Project to complete this course.