Model Roles vs. Selective Access

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Model Roles and Selective Access are both used to restrict access within an Anaplan model, but they are used in different ways, as you learned in the prior two lessons.

When choosing between establishing a Role or establishing Selective Access in your model, consider the following:

  • Who will need access to the model?
  • What do they need to see in the model?
  • What do they need to do in the model, e.g., will they be viewing and/or inputting data?
  • How will access be managed going forward?


Review this comparison of Model Roles vs. Selective Access to help choose the best option for your organization’s model.

Compare Role to SA slide.png



You can set up an Anaplan Learning Center account and access more advanced training on Roles and Selective Access if you need it. Bookmark these pages now and come back to them after you finish Introduction to Model Building.


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