Allow selective updates on an input table




I have a module which i have designed for input. The module is based on Time (months) and Versions list (Custom versions not Anaplan built in version). The input module therefore looks something like this:

  Versions (drop down)        
  Jan-18 Feb-18 Mar-18 Apr-18 May-18 Jun-18

Now i have another module which helps me set the current month and align 3 different versions

Current Month Input
Current Month + 1 Calculated
Current Month + 2 Calculated
Actual Input
Estimate 1 Input
Estimate 2 Input

So in the above module the user can define what the current month is and also set what version belongs to Actuals, what belongs to Estimate 1 and what to Estimate 2. I use this module to show the comparison between the three versions chosen.

Now i want my input module on top to be driven off the 2nd module both of which i intend to publish to a dashboard for the users to use. Below is what i want to accomplish


When i choose the Current Month (Say Feb 2018), i should be able to only input data for month of February and the input should automatically pull in Jan 2018 data which would have been entered last month. None of the other months should be available for entry. 







  • subodhp

    A couple of more points to add..

    1. Since all the versions will be available, when i select a month (Feb 2018), i should be able to input data for only month of february for specific versions (mostly the estimate 1 and 2 versions). The actuals data should mostly be coming from other modules based off of the current month.

    2.  Since the input module has versions when i flip across versions the appropriate data should be displayed based on the version i have selected.


    Thank you!!

  • Hi,


    I suggest separating the input and comparison objectives into separate modules.


    the comparison reports are typical read-only modules, but can include the ability for the user to set which versions they want to compare (although there are probably limits to this in a high user environment).


    For data input, if you use false versions, then time can only be locked down through dashboard controls (i.e. Native Anaplan Time can only be locked/unlocked in conjunction with Native Anaplan Versions... i.e. the Switchover or Edit From / Edit To settings.  It might be that the (visible/available) months are set centrally by the Admin, and then controlled by locking down the dashboards tightly and not permitting users to open the source module or reset filters, etc.


    Let me know if any of this helps.