How to get "hierarchyEntityLongId" (List id which appears if you copy-paste list format to excel)

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Excel is very handy for "mass" analysis/amendments of line items. However, for List formatted line items I get List ID (instead of name) in "Format" column. It happens both when you copy-paste or export blueprint for all line items. It is very annoying to manually map these IDs to list names. Screenshots are below.


Is there any way I can retreive these List IDs and their names?









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  • Hi Aleph,

    That's not quite as straightforward, but I managed it with the following snippet.


 [0].forEach(function(e,i) {console.log(e + ' ' +[0][i]);[0].forEach(function(le,li) {console.log(le + ' ' +[0][li]);})})


    You can see some sample output below. Each line item is below its parent module - the modules all have entity long Ids that begin with 102. Line Items will start at 200 and go higher.



    Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 17.15.08.png


  • That's awesome!!


    Thanks a lot for this tip.




  • Hi

    The other more "low tech" method is to sert up a module with a line item representing each list. Format the line item as the list in question.  When you copy out the blueprint, you will ge the line item (i.e. list name) and the GUID









    Hope this helps


  • Hi,


    Thanks for your advice. That is how I've been doing it previously.

    But console is less time consuming if you have many lists to set.




  • Hello Greg,


     The ids for the line item subsets can also be queried as you say. But as the line items are not part of the standard info and label pages, is there a way to fetch the complete list of line item entity ids in a similar way as above?

  • Thank you Greg, that works!