Excel Add-in v3 and Office 365

Will the Excel Add-in v3 or later ever support Excel 2016 in Office 365? If not, is there a fundamental reason for that? Regards Dave Easey

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  • lmcleod
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    All - I was able to resovle this with Anaplan.  Both add-ins do work with the downloaded version of Microsoft Excel 2016/Office 365 -- they do not work with the online versions.  


    They propbably just need to update the system requirements to only say that "Office 365 Online is not supported."  




  • Bumping this thread.


    I was very much looking forward to v3 for our organization but unfortunately we cannot use it since we run on Office 365.

  • We are currently having issues with SSO and the add-in and were planning on revisiting to try to get it working later this year or next year. However, we are on Office 365 so if there is a compatibility issue then we will be delayed on that work.


    Curious to hear more about the timing on getting any compatibility issues worked out.

  • @bdeaton @davee @cpham  Has anyone received a response from Anaplan on this?


    I was recently upgraded to Office 365 and afterwards realized that 2.6 and 3.0 are not compatible.  We run our financial close process from the 2.6 version, so this is a major issue for our company.  



  • Excellent Imcleod, thanks for sharing that, it now works for me. I had previously tried the V3 beta version without success so it may have been a restriction at that stage, now removed. Agreed, Anaplan should update the limitations that currently state: Office 365, Office Online, and Office for Mac (including Office 2016 for Mac) are not supported. Regards Dave
  • I'm on Office 365 locally installed and still having issues. Currently working through this with support.

    I can get this error message when opening Excel:

    "The file format and extension of 'Anaplan.Addins.Excel.V2016-AddIn-packed.xll' don't match. The file could be corrupted or unsafe. Unless you trust its source, don't open it. Do you want to open anyways?"


    Anybody else experience something similar?

  • Hi,Wanted to check whether powerpoint add in is also available for office 365 (desktop) version? Between any idea on how office 365(online) users are managing out on this?Is there a converter or alternative route for them to leverage anaplan addins, given it's not a standard feature.