Automatic Locking of Versions


Dear Community folks, There is requirement to Automatically lock a particular Version at a specified time.  Currently we could lock a version by  following 2 methods: - In the Versions tab, change the edit period for those version - In the User Security, make it a read access for those version There is defined time table at which a particular  version should be locked.  Given this requirement the possible solution could be following: Create 2 Roles :  PlanWrite (write access to Version)                                            Planread (read access to Version) During the planning process,  have planners have been assigned to Role Planwrite, which allows them to change the plan, once the locking period is reached we could automatically maintain the User profile to Planread which allows Planners to only read the version. Above could be achieved by setting up Anaplan connect API, which would automatically run at the time specified in the  planning calendar, will update User profile with the assignment of correct role.  Is there a way a better to achieve the requirement to Automatically Lock a Version. Cheers, Umesh


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    Hi Umesh,

    After reviewing the use case with you, I believe your solution is the best way to handle this. Nice work. :-)