201 Intermediate Model Building Section 8 actvity #10 Numbers don't match

I'm working on Section 8 of IMB and the numbers in the sub-region Goal set don't match for US South and US Central. The totals in the bottom row do match with the guide and instruction video, but these specific sub-regions don't. PY Sales and Sub-region % are correct, but the Projected Goal is not. All other sub-regions seems to be correct. 


I have included screenshots from my module, the formulas I used and the instruction video to show the difference


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  • Evalinde
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    Solved the problem! I used the Projected Goal iso the Final Goal. Fixed it. 


  • In Sub-region Goal Set, the Projected Goal line item pulls the Final Goal from Region Goal Set.

  • Hi Paul, I think that is what I did. The formula I used for the Projected Goal in the Sub-regio Goal Set module is      'Sub-region Percent' * Region Goal Set.Projected Goal[LOOKUP: Parent]


    I find it very confusion also that it is only for these two sub-regions that I have issues and the other ones are correct. Or maybe that's a coincidence?