Upload file (.csv) used for Anaplan import in the past


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Is it possible to download the csv file used for an Anaplan import in the past from the Anaplan cloud. I have the import details from the History log with the ID & date/time details. Would the file used for this import be stored somewhere in the cloud and can we download them for any future reference?


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  • ben_speight
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    Anaplan doesn't retain the source file for every import ever run, no. This data is considered temporary and subject to automated removal (with the exception of a file set as an import/export's default copy, of which there is only one per import/export). If you need this capability for audit purposes, then you will be best served by a local solution tailored to your specific requirements.


  • I don't believe its accessible once its uploaded, but it would be nice.  (I'm hoping somebody knows better!)

  • Hi Ben,


    This is indirectly related:  Consistently, once source file is no longer availabe, we cannot edit the import action.. and if I don't know the import's format, I'm out of luck and have to rebuild the process. 


    I realize that documentation is important & helpful here, but we don't generally document every import action to this degree. 


    Is there any way around this?





  • Hayk

    Hi Paul,


    Great note! I take a screenshot for every import in case if source file is not available.

    If not, I'm used to create import from scratch.




  • Upload a file with correct file name, format and column headers, then set it as default (administrators only). This will now be used when model admins view/edit the import definition with no regular file uploaded.
  • Hayk

    That makes sense. Thanks for your advise.

  • Thanks all for your inputs, it was informational 🙂